Task 3.0

  1. All of you had been added to the github repository
  2. Find out awesome designs from all over internet like particle.js etc .You can use websites like CODEPEN for them.
  3. Categorically arrange them like other awesome lists by editing the Readme.md as icons,background etc ..
  4. special points for using git rather than github. :) The above one is just a fun project for you guys :) So only add awesome ones and have fun exploring.
  5. Write a code in c/c++/python to Read from a file and display as output.
  6. Write a code in c/c++/python to write to a file a given text.
  7. Try to learn how to compile in c99, change the output file from ./a.out to any name
Happy Diwali Guys have fun :)Happy Diwali Guys have fun :)

Deadline : Nov 7 Updated: Oct 28

Task 2.0

  1. Create a repository in your github account ,name it “mentorshipcodes”
  2. Write a c code to check if the number is prime or not
  3. Write a c/python code to make a calculator
  4. write a c/python code to make a word game using python, which could be a quiz game , chatting game etc ..
  5. Upload this file into the repository.

Deadline is 11th Oct 2016

Task 1.0

We will start with two things:

  1. All of you should make a github profile and send me the link.
  2. All of you should make a personal website and push to a repository names “your username”. After this you will be able to visit that website in yourusername.github.io .

General personal website making instructions.

  1. You can use a bootstarp template and edit them to your needs. Some of them are startbootstrap , get bootstrap or just google it. Anything is fine with me.
  2. Basic html and css could be looked up W3schools website.
  3. When facing an error always look up in Google. Your BEST FRIEND for the next few years in college.

General Github instructions

  1. Read through this Github 10 min read post
  2. You dont need to learn everything. Just learn the things you need. Go through this website if you still cant do it.
  3. For your task you need to push into the repository created and send a pull request :p . Look those up in Google as well.

FYI: your deadline is 17 Saturday Sep 2016 .