A chatbot i have made which acts as a Legal Expert in India.

All gifs are of facebook messenger.

What happens when you say hi

  • The bot presently recognizes sections related to verbal and physical abuses.
  • Lets see how it reacts.
  • I have added quick replies as well as text response for ease of use.

When you click physical gestures

All the cases of which bot travels is not seen in this blog as i try to show only one of a type. Sections change according to the decision made on

  • what is the cause
  • weapon
  • how deep is the hurt
  • other factors in special cases

When you want to know what happens next

Now time for some fun with the bot

Adding small talk

Wanna Try it out


But you can talk to the bot in Telegram under @IndianLawyerBot

Facebook messenger

The bot messenger in not avaliable for public in facebook yet as we need to make the privacy policy. But if you contact me i can let you in a sneek peek. When avalible you can access it through the facebook page.

Slack bot

Need some more procedures to be done before it becomes public.

Credits :
Amrit Daimary and Ankit Pettkar for helping me with this project.
Adv. K M Santhoshkumar for being out feild expert while making this bot.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day :)