Machine Learning Jobs List πŸ‘”

How i created a job portal for Machine Learning during a weekend

Being a huge fan of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (made Anna Assistant). I decided to make an ML job portal to list all the ML related jobs at a single place, so as to help enthusiast find jobs with greater ease.

Visit ML Jobs List at

I made ML Jobs List as part of my decisions to Ship Products this year.

The Problem

There are way TOO MANY job boards. But many of my friends are still unable to find a job related to Machine Learning. Why? They don’t have time to look at hundreds of portals for specific for Machine Learning. And the Machine Learning Jobs Portal there are too dispersed.
Since I firmly believe AI and ML is the future, It should be easier to find. So I aggregated all the Jobs from all over the internet for that.

The Solution

I decided to make ML jobs list so as to list all the jobs related to ML from all over the internet at one place. It helps to compare different jobs and if the person wants to apply then it just directly links the person to the source.
I decided to use Django and Bootstrap for the backend.

What I needed :
1. A page to list all the Job Posts
2. A page to show details
3. A Form that to lets users upload Jobs Postings
4 .A login and register page.

As most of the companies have a job application form so I decided just to link the form to the website instead of making it like to apply directly to the portal.
Having four days off in college I decided to give it a shot. After a few hours of hacking and lots of hours of Procrastination, I finally made it. And it looked terrible.

But by changing the theme with the help of Creative Tim template I finally made it look decent enough to show it to people for reviews.

The Product

Page to List all Job Posts

I decided to keep 2 kinds of posts: Featured and Latest.

1 Featured are the paid posts which stay on top the list for a month.

2 The other section is Latest Posts were the posts are displayed based on the time they are posted.

To save the website from spam posts I decided that all the posts that will be posted will first require my approval. I know I could have used Machine Learning to solve this 😫 Maybe next version.

Page to Display Posts

Just for the sake to keep this page as straightforward and minimal as possible, I decided to just keep an Apply button and nothing else.

Extra Bits

  1. Added MailChimp to Subscribe via email so that Machine Learning Enthusiasts could get a weekly newsletter about the same.
  2. Recommendations for the job person is searching for.
  3. Social Share icons.
  4. Added Crisp. The small Chat icon on the bottom, so as to help users get in direct contact with me to discuss the same and to provide suggestions for its betterment.

This was the moment I thought that I am done with this.

Nope! Far from it.

Now I had to set up a server, buy a domain and do many other things. These were the things I always thought were easy jobs but these things ended up taking more than actually making it. I wish there was a one-click ship. Well, life is not that easy.

Long story short: Got Heroku, had no credit card. Went to Digital Ocean. Set up Nginx (Reverse Proxy Server) and Gunicorn. Made Http to Https. bought Domain from Go Daddy. Done.


I would be happy if even a single person could get a job of his interest using this portal. Because I understand the frustration a person feels when he doesn’t have a job. I hope ML Jobs List will help in that.