Hack in the North

IIIT-Allahabad's first ever Hackathon that became india's biggest student held hackathon.

Even the term Hackathon was a new one for a lot of people in Allahabad. If i had a penny for every time i herd what is a Hackathon i would be a very rich guy. But even in this situation we made it happen. And i am proud of being part of this wonderful team. It was held as part of our tech fest Aparoksha and beginning itself it was decided it would be our flagship event.Due to the support from our sponsors Hackerearth , Mozilla and our faculty we raised enough funds to make it happen.

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All the participants had to do was take the first train to Allahabad with your laptop and we will provide you everything you want to hack . Participant were provided accommodation , food , T shirts and goodies πŸ˜ƒ.

We had more than 140 participants from all over India and most of them traveled at least 500 Kms. While talking to them i learned a lot about the things that are happening all over India. And watching them develop truly magnificent peaces of β€œart” (What they made looked like art) made me realize how much i can achieve in 3 days . And most of them taught me the valuable lesson of how to approach to a particular solution.

Our judge Hackerearth CTO Vivek Prakash said he had never seen a student held Hackathon like this before and said

β€œHack in the north is India's biggest student held Hackathon β€œ - Vivek Prakash, Hackerearth, CTO

truly made all of our in the team happy. Receiving this much recognition even in our first run.

The winners of the Hackathon made Castle Defence : Multiplayer game and generic android controller. They were really cool guys from MNIT Allahabad. I even saw them changing and adapting to the situation and in the end it all worked out well. I guess its all about perseverance, adaptability and hard-work. After all commitment is what transforms a promise into reality .All of the teams attended in the event were truly exceptional and our team wanted to give prices to all of them but right now they have to settle with t shirts.

This experience was an amazing one for me and it wouldn't have been so great without our team making it possible. I hope we can make next years Hackathon an even better one. I am sure we can with this team.

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